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The attractiveness of Datu “Utto” or HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin to others must have been due to his personal qualities, his possession of power recognized by other people. Francia and Parrado (1898) said that, Datu “Utto” or HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin represented “resistance”. He stood at the head of a group of Datu’s hostile to Spain, who battled against the advancing Spanish-Filipino forces in Talayan, Pagalungan, Buayan, Bakat, and Kudarangan. In fact, it was the defense of Pagalungan in 1861 that Datu “Utto” or HRH Sultan Utto Anwaruddin lost his right eye, thus gaining the nickname “One Eye Man”. Historians described Datu “Utto” or HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin as “A King with many Tyrannical Rivals”. He reigned in 1862 to 1898.

The local genealogy (Tarsila) of Maguindanao Sultanate indicates that from year 1888 to 1896, their sultanate was vacant due to the fact that Datu “Utto” or HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin wanted his brother-in-law (Datu Mamaku) to become the Sultan of Maguindanao, a clear indication that Datu Utto or HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin is being respected even outside Buayan Sultanate. HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin is the 18th ruler of Buayan and also a ruler of other areas beyond Buayan. HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin, the last independent Sultan of Buayan, with an irresistible incentive. He and his datus ignored the centuries (Thomas M. McKenna – 1952).

The followings were the children of HRH Sultan “Utto” Anwaruddin, to wit:

I - The original listings are:-

1. Limbang 17. Dang
2. Mapia-a-Babi 18. Ayao
3. Diloyuden 19. Kokuyan
4. Bayang 20. Balapit
5. Alongan 21. Tindos
6. Datu-sa-Buayan 22. Kamunggui
7. Guiomla 23. Naditalan
8. Mamantal 24. Mailangka
9. Simpal 25. Sitti
10. Alay 26. Maunanek
11. Mama-sa-Buayan 27. Tima
12. Malmalangkay 28. Pinagawang
13. Salakeb 29. Zubaika
14. Usman 30. Kalimendeng
15. Mangindat 31. Guiamalon
16. Camsa